Sara is a professional cyclist racing for UK-based Podium Ambition powered by Club La Santa.  Known for her tireless work ethic, Sara has helped teammates earn prestigious victories and podiums around the world. The passion for racing led her away from a career in nursing to pursue success at the highest level of road cycling. Enjoy the journey. 

A Little History

When Sara was five, her parents convinced her to waterski by bribing her with a cat. That next weekend, she stood up on two skis and went to the nearby farm shortly after to pick up a cuddly kitten.

And so, the love affair with sports (and animals) began.

She played all the team sports from soccer to field hockey but didn't really find her true potential until collegiate rowing at the University of Vermont.

Waking up at 4:30am six days a week, training both power and endurance, learning to sync movements perfectly with teammates -- these elements of rowing make it an eloquent combination of pure grit, strength and focus. And that is what Sara loved best. When her time in the boat came to an end, it's no surprise that Sara found a sport with similar characteristics, road cycling. 

With years of experience commuting by bike to class, the bike was a natural fit. A short jaunt on her roommate's road bike convinced her that this would probably be her new sport.

Sara saved money from her waitressing job, bought a bike suitable to race, and started to train - just casually train - with the guys. A little encouragement was all it took and she was signed up for her first race, outfitted stylishly with underwear below her triathlon shorts topped with a borrowed, smelly jersey. Hot, right?! 

The feeling after finishing her first race, was total enlightenment, mixed with love and exhilaration. Bike racing was an instant passion. 

After graduating with a bachelor's degree in nursing, she moved back to her home state of Maryland to be close to family and friends, work, build a life, race if possible...Four years into the grind of night shift and weekend warrior bike racing, a friend suggested she could probably become a professional if she actually focused on training and racing. What a dream that'd be!

So, after months of decision-making and planning, Sara's dad accompanied her on the January 2013 cross-country road trip to California where the journey to be her best began. Sara landed her first contract with Team TIBCO-SVB in that same year.

Racing all over North America and Europe since that big move has been an unforgettable journey. And this year, the journey to international podiums continues while racing a full European schedule for Podium Ambition p/b Club La Santa and the US National Team.



  • Selected to ride with US National Team at Aviva Tour of Britain 
  • Rode in support when Lauren Stephens won the GC at Joe Martin Stage Race & Kendall Ryan became the US Criterium Champion
  • 1st Madera Stage Race St. 1 
  • 3rd GC Chico Stage Race
  • 3rd US National TTT Championships
  • 3rd Giro di San Francisco


  • Ranked #1 US team & member of team to win Team GC at Cascade Cycling Classic
  •  1st Cantua Creek Road Race
  • 3rd Madera Stage Race
  • 7th San Dimas Stage Race, St. 2
  • 9th Cascade Cycling Classic Prologue


  • 1st California Cup - 10-race series
  • 1st NCNCA TTT Championships
  • 1st Berkeley Hills Road Race